Why DRSI Call Center LLC?

Companies need to focus more than ever on the customer experience they provide to differentiate themselves from their competitors, deepen customer relationships and drive sales. By consistently solving “moment of truth” problems and turning a service contact into a sales opportunity, companies are strengthening ties with customers and building an important competitive advantage while creating a dynamic source of revenue. To accomplish these objectives, a company must project a high level of service whereby quality and value- added are the key drivers.

This is where DRSI Call Center LLC’s unique mix of unmatched experience and dedication to detail comes in. Our staff is attentive, hospitable and committed. Developing an attitude of focused engagement is in fact an important part of their training. Thus our personnel, along with our operations, are uniquely prepared to deliver the high-caliber service needed to enrich your customers’ experience and maximize your business opportunities — day in and day out.

DRSI Call Center LLC’s professional assets include:

Passionate about quality and customer service

DRSI Call Center LLC has a full-time quality control department that verifies the accuracy of transactions and carefully monitors the performance of our agents. Remote monitoring is also available. Scripts and reports are customized to meet program objectives. The result is consistently superior customer service delivered to our clients.

Intensive recruitment and selection

DRSI Call Center LLC’s recruitment department uses a variety of selection methods to attract bilingual candidates of the highest caliber. The candidates are carefully screened through extensive phone and in-person interviews. Our recruitment techniques guarantee that our clients will receive the finest representation by a team of bilingual professionals with the skills and aptitude to meet program objectives. Staff turnover at DRSI Call Center LLC at 3% is lower than the industry average because of our focus on motivation and retention.

Specialized training modules and state-of-the-art instructional equipment help our representatives develop top-notch presentation and sales abilities. Our robust re-coaching program rewards improvement and quality, regularly honors top performance and encourages our representatives to perfect their skills. Continuous training and motivational workshops are provided on an ongoing basis.


Your Gateway to Hispanic America

As the leading and most experienced contact center in one of the largest Hispanic markets in the U.S., DRSI Call Center LLC has over 20 year proven track record of tapping into the fastest growing and increasingly affluent demographic group in the country. And we do it with the most advanced technology and the best bilingual human resources available in the industry.

Meet Our Team

Liza Raevis

Liza Raevis

Sales Manager

Over 20 years’ experience in the advertising, marketing and communications field in Puerto Rico and the US Hispanic market.  Her education includes a BBA with concentration in Marketing from the Sacred Heart University in Puerto Rico.

Max M. Carranza

Max M. Carranza

IT/Telecom Director
PCI Security Officer

Mr. Carranza is the IT/Telecom Director/PCI Security Officer of Latin Media House and its subsidiary DRSI call center. He is in charge of planning, policy development, systems administration, training and supervision of a staff of technicians and programmers. He oversees all IT plans, policies and technology trends throughout both corporations.

William P. López

Human Resources Manager

William P. López joined DRSI Call Center in 2009. Since then he have worked as a Project Supervisor, HR Specialist and Operations Manager were He have overseen staffing, employee engagement, project management and supervision, new hire training, performance management and employee development.

Join Our Team

Join our team of professionals at Puerto Rico’s most experienced bilingual 24/7/365 telemarketing contact center in Guaynabo!

Begin a career at DRSI Call Center. Join the most experienced, sophisticated and fully bilingual Call Center.  We are looking for fully bilingual Customer Service and Telephone Sales Representatives.  Our Call Center Representatives attend incoming and outgoing calls for all clients that request our services.  Some of the tasks at hand include but are not limited to: dealing directly with customers by telephone; responding promptly to customer inquiries; handling and resolving customer complaints; convincing clients to use our clients’ products and services; contacting businesses and individuals by telephone to promote products, services and/or charitable causes; soliciting orders for goods and services over the telephone; explaining the product or service to potential customers and delivering scripted sales pitches to the customer,.  We sell products and services from recognized companies and industries, such as: cell phones, satellite TV, insurance,  security systems, Internet providers, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, etc…  Part-time and full-time shifts available.  Complete Training Program.