At DRSI Call Center LLC we offer a wide range of options for virtually any outbound application. Our sophisticated state-of-the-art infrastructure, coupled with our many years of experience, enables us to provide excellent services at very competitive prices.

Most companies use outbound services for applications such as:

  • Telesales — A telephone sale is significantly less costly than a face-to-face sale. You may use your sales force for high-value transactions that require personal attention, and use outbound telemarketing for other types of sales, thus optimizing your resources.
  • Telemarketing — This tool is very effective for customer-satisfaction surveys and market research.
  • Lead Generation — The phone is an excellent mechanism for qualifying prospects and getting interviews for your sales force.
  • Customer Retention Programs — Be proactive. Call your customers before your competitor does and reduce your customer turnover.
  • Mystery Shopping — Check the quality of your service by generating mystery calls to your different customer-support points and evaluate and grade your services, rather than having a competitor find out your weaknesses first.
  • Collections — Friendly reminders and/or proactive collection reduce your bad debts and improve your income ability.
  • Third-Party Verification — Confirmation of telephone sales to reduce fraud, evaluate your sales integrity and register only true/confirmed sales.
  • Voice Logging/Recording — For digital recording and logging of sales confirmation and/or similar applications.
  • Fund Raising — For charities, non-profit organizations and political parties, telethons.
  • Surveys – Measure your customer base satisfaction levels.
  • Appointment Making – Let our staff manage this task for you, so you can focus on what you do best, your area of expertise.