Why Puerto Rico?

Here are just a few of the many reasons:

A Unique Solution

Labor is the biggest cost of a contact center. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average telemarketing salary in the States is $25,920 annually. In Puerto Rico, it’s $15,360.

Puerto Rico, USA offers a unique solution for doing business in the fast-growing  Hispanic market by offering the lowest-cost telemarketing services available in the USA to government and private sector companies. It offers the unique advantage of doing business within a U.S. jurisdiction under the U.S. flag while simultaneously reaping the tax and lower wage benefits of doing business in Puerto Rico USA, where labor costs compared to stateside Telemarketing Centers are 30% – 50% lower. Puerto Rico is only 3 hours away from the U.S. , with direct flights to all major U.S. cities. Furthermore, local government has enacted Laws 20/22, which offer unparalleled economic and tax incentives to companies and individuals establish themselves in Puerto Rico.

DRSI Call Center LLC operates with a multimillion-dollar investment in highly specialized inbound and outbound Contact Center Aspect Technology and telephony, computer equipment and software, along with advanced recruiting and training. This ensures that our clients receive the top-quality service they require and should expect from a world-class contact center. DRSI Call Center LLC’s expertise in such key areas as leadership, technology, facilities, fully bilingual personnel, quality assurance, recruitment and training are its key success factors.

DRSI Call Center LLC has successfully managed the demanding criteria and requirements of many local, mainland U.S. and multinational industries and companies within segment such as: Insurance (staffed with licensed Insurance Agents), Banking, Client Services, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Education, Technology, Utilities, Pharmaceuticals, Government Agencies, Marketing and Research Agencies, Automotive, Consumer Products, Real Estate, Tourism, Travel Agencies and Medical Devices.

A Nearshore Alternative Under the US Flag.


More and more, we see how foreign destinations become less attractive due to higher indirect costs, breach-of-security issues, the desire of companies to maintain jobs on U.S. soil, cultural differences that affect quality of service, and the language/accent barrier. Puerto Rico, as part of the United States, offers full-service telemarketing contact center services for both the fast-growing Hispanic market and the English-speaking sector.

Other benefits that Puerto Rico offers include:

  • Modern Transportation System
  • Reliable Electrical Grid
  • Advanced Telecommunications Apparatus
    • ATM network of the same caliber as, or higher than, those found worldwide
    • 100% digital network
    • Fiber-optic cables, satellites and undersea cables to allow for seamless connection
  • Plentiful Workforce
    • Readily available at all skill levels
    • Highly productive (higher than U.S. average)
    • Low 3% turnover (US industry standard is 33%)
    • Lower labor costs (30%-50% lower than in the States)
  • Educated and Bilingual (English and Spanish) Workforce; Bi-Cultural, too
    • Over 80% of the population speaks English, though Spanish is the predominant language
    • And, 69.5% of Puerto Rico’s population has a high school degree or higher
  • Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory
    • U.S. dollar = no currency conversion or exchange
    • U.S. banking system
    • U.S. federal legal system
    • Political stability
    • Educational standards same as in the States